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StartupHub.NYC Interview Series #4: James Haft (PALcapital & StartupHub.NYC Founder)

What is the difference between American entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs from abroad U.S.? Is there any country that stands out from the rest? Where is the next unicorn coming from? James Haft, Founder of PALcapital, PALgenesis Fund, Co-Founder of NXTPLabs and StartupHub.NY, answers these questions and shares his experience over 25 years in investment banking, financing, advising and managing small and mid-size companies, specialized in emerging markets, in this 5 minute video interview.

About James Haft: Entrepreneur and Merchant Banker with broad experience in all aspects of forming, managing, advising, fund raising, and biz dev for entrepreneur-powered businesses, including, business strategy and M&A. Significant and relevant experience with Internet apps and platforms, integrated media, on-line advertising, on-line metrics, mobile apps, telecom, energy, emerging markets, financial consulting, real estate and venture capital.

Many thanks to James (twitter: @jfhaft) for his time participating in this interview and sharing his insights.

============== About StartupHub.NYC:

StartupHub.NYC is a "one stop tailor made shop" for international tech startups that want to accelerate, landing, scale and fundraise in US trough NYC.

· Temporary office space & US mailing address

· Legal & administrative setup

· Accounting & tax planning

· Competitive & industry analysis

· Marketing and PR

· Business development & Leads generation

· Immigration & visas

· Real estate and relocation services

· Fundraising and M&A

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