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Jodee Rich, CEO of .KRED and James Haft, CEO of PALcapital

Nasdaq MarketSite] Jane King interviews Jodee Rich, CEO of .Kred and James Haft, CEO of PALcapital. .Kred is a score and a platform for increasing your Online Influence. You can now have your very own identity with the Kred Engagement Profile, engage with other Influencers in the Kred Network, and boost your social status with the Empire.Kred game. Kred is home to a global community of social Influencers with a combined following of 300M

P PALcapital was founded in 1996 and is an M&A and business development advisory boutique focused on Distributed Ledger Tech and businesses leveraging the digitization of information and value. We work with founders, CEOs, and shareholders to create value for all stakeholders through the execution of strategic transactions.

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