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Industry Reflections with Fred Wilson from Union Square Ventures

Hunch CEO Chris Dixon talks with Venture Capitalist Fred Wilson from Union Square Ventures. In this series of Founder Stories the men discuss the massive valuations of tech startups, his experiences as VC and much more. 

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TechCrunch: Ask a VC with John O'Farrell

TechCrunch's regular feature "Ask a VC" continues with guest John O'Farrell from Andressen Horowitz. In this week's episode the venture capitalist answers user questions about managing capital, his firm's geographic focus, networking, becoming a VC and much more.




Tech Crunch: Ask a VC with Dana Stalder

Dana Stalder from Matrix Ventures (investors in Gilt Groupe) draws on his 2-and-a-half years of experience as a venture capitalist in this Q&A with Tech Crunch's Sarah Lacy. He answers questions from the blog's readers with topics including:

  • content aggregation technology and the media industry 
  • raising money from VCs vs. angels
  • what entrepreneurs should not purchase with venture capital money
  • dealing with the issues of being in the early-stages of development



Writing Investment Teasers for Raising Capital

Michael Gasparro at Axial Market offers great advice on how to write the most effective Investment Teaser.

The 6 key points to remember are as follows:

  1. After reading your Teaser, buyers should have a clear understanding of your company. 
  2. Clearly state the goals of the proposed transaction. 
  3. Let the hard facts do the talking.
  4. Tell the truth. 
  5. Keep it concise and professional. 
  6. NEVER prematurely disclose the name of your company (or other identifying information). 

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Tech Crunch: Ask a VC with Jeremy Liew

Here is a video of Lightspeed Venture Partners Managing Director Jeremy Liew talking with Sarah Lacy at TechCrunch. Jeremy answers questions about what differentiates a product from a company, outsourcing engineering, career advice for MBA's and much more.