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Tracxn Trackdown: Listing Platforms, Co-Working, and Managed Properties Among Top Business Models in Real Estate Tech. Several PALcapital clients highlighted. 

Over $6B has been invested in Real-Estate Tech since 2011, with ~$4.2B being invested in 2015 and 2016 YTD. The funding of ~$1.5B in 2016 YTD is on track to match the record funding of $2.8B invested in 2015. Co-working space provider Wework continued to be the largest funded startup in 2016, and picked up the majority of the funding with $430M in a Series F round at a $16B valuation. Listings platforms (Trulia, Fangdd), co-working spaces (UrWork, WeWork), managed properties (Mogoroom, Mofang Gongyu), online brokerage (Redfin, Aiwujiwu), and investment (LendInvest, Cadre) are the top five business models by funding. Managed properties are a fast growing business model in Asia, receiving more than 25% of total investment in 2016, largely due to $300M Series C round raised by Shanghai-based Mofang Gongyu in April. Co-Living is an upcoming business model - 24 companies have become operational in the sector with an average founding year of 2014.