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Focus on Basecamp, Not the Summit

In an article from AlwayOn, Venture Capitalist Mark Suster talks about what entrepreneurs can do to set and achieve their goals. He promotes perfecting the "basecamp" operations of the company, rather than focusing on reaching the possibly intimidating summit. Suster defines basecamp as "an attainable goal in the 2 year time horizon. It’s developing a differentiated product in a market where you can demonstrate value to your customers – whether they’re paying or not." With a solid basecamp, long term goals become less daunting and are more likely to be reached in due course. 

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The 7 Elements of Social Data [Web Strategy]

Jeremiah Owyang, Industry Analyst at Altimeter Group, presents research done by the company in a search to understand how companies can harness all the data into their online experiences.The result is a graphic mapping the 7 Elements of Social Data. The top tier represents data companies have been using for years. The middle tier is data that digital marketers are trying to tackle now. The bottom tier are new types of data that have not been harnessed yet. For a full synopsis check out Jeremiah's blog!

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