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Industry Reflections with Fred Wilson from Union Square Ventures

Hunch CEO Chris Dixon talks with Venture Capitalist Fred Wilson from Union Square Ventures. In this series of Founder Stories the men discuss the massive valuations of tech startups, his experiences as VC and much more. 

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TED's Chris Anderson on "Crowd Accelerated Innovation"

Chris Anderson, curator of the TED Conference, discusses a new phenomenon he calls Crowd Accelerated Innovation. The internet continues to expand the reach of global community and helps spur innovation because it brings together the following characteristics.


  • Crowd - A group of people sharing a common interest. The more people the more potential innovators.
  • Light - Clear, open, visibility of what the best people in the crowd are capable of.
  • Desire - Innovation isn't easy!


Sites like YouTube and organizations like TED are great examples of Crowd Accelerated Innovation at work.