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The 7 Elements of Social Data [Web Strategy]

Jeremiah Owyang, Industry Analyst at Altimeter Group, presents research done by the company in a search to understand how companies can harness all the data into their online experiences.The result is a graphic mapping the 7 Elements of Social Data. The top tier represents data companies have been using for years. The middle tier is data that digital marketers are trying to tackle now. The bottom tier are new types of data that have not been harnessed yet. For a full synopsis check out Jeremiah's blog!

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Loic Le Meur at Davos 2011: 7 Trends in Digital Convergence

Loic Le Meur, founder of LeWeb and European tech giant, spoke at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. In his talk he touched on seven out of the many trends that are changing the digital landscape.

  1. Digital convergence is about sharing in more and more places. One person can have an email adress, blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, and many other social network apps. 
  2. Everything in the cloud means less privacy.
  3. The web has a deep impact on our brain.
  4. Location sharing has been a game changer.
  5. Everything is becoming a platform. For example, a hacker installed an iPad in the dashboard of a car.
  6. Your own body is becoming a platform. A suite of exercise, weight loss, and nutrition apps have made your actual body part of the social network.
  7. Social networking + objects = social objects. Product like Lady Gaga's glasses for Polaroid are turing everyday objects into social networking tools.

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TED's Chris Anderson on "Crowd Accelerated Innovation"

Chris Anderson, curator of the TED Conference, discusses a new phenomenon he calls Crowd Accelerated Innovation. The internet continues to expand the reach of global community and helps spur innovation because it brings together the following characteristics.


  • Crowd - A group of people sharing a common interest. The more people the more potential innovators.
  • Light - Clear, open, visibility of what the best people in the crowd are capable of.
  • Desire - Innovation isn't easy!


Sites like YouTube and organizations like TED are great examples of Crowd Accelerated Innovation at work. 


The Art of the Start

"Apple Evangelist" Guy Kawasaki in highly informative and entertaining presentation on innovation and entrepreneurship.