David Rose on Pitching VCs

David S. Rose has been described as "the Father of Angel Investing in New York" by Crain's New York Business, and a "world conquering entrepreneur" by BusinessWeek. He is a serial entrepreneur and Inc 500 CEO who chairs New York Angels, one of the most active angel investment groups in the country. As an entrepreneur, David is CEO of Gust, which operates the standard collaboration platform for over 35,000 early-stage investors.



Kleiner Perkins - Mary Meeker - Internet-Trends - 2012


An interesting presentation on the TWITTER ad platform.


Caren Maio featured on SuccessStories Blog

  / May 7th, 2012 at 12:05 pm



Title: CEO/Co-Founder of Nestio
Age: 27
Location: East Village

Caren Maio is the CEO and Co-Founder of Nestio, where renters can compile, organize and share their apartment search in easy access menu. Prior to venturing into Nestio, she founded a women’s lifestyle magazine named Cake at the age of 18 and showed her business expertise to corporate sales while working at Nike as well as The Wall Street Journal. Caren completed her graduation with a dual-degrees in Brand Building and Publishing from New York University.


Nestio, whoch was founded in 2011, is the easiest way to arrange your apartment search. Looking for an apartment in a new city or county is not only difficult but also time consuming; Nestio, however, has simplified the task by organizing reliable resources and information. Here it is easy to organize listings, collaborate with roommates, and find favorable environment and transparent surroundings based on findings, while ensuring the best as well as the right place.

The company has been profiled and featured in various reputed media outlets including Bloomberg TV, The Wall Street Journal, Business Insider,The Next Web, TechCrunch, and The Huffington Post. The company has also made partnership with some premier listing service providers including Naked Apartments, eBay Classifieds, and Curbed.

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Mousumi Kumar Saha

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May022012 company launches Facebook timeline app

New York, NY (PRWEB) May 01, 2012

Google Ventures-backed start-up ( has launched one of the first-of-its-kind restaurant commerce apps for the Facebook timeline. The app helps hungry consumers discover and order new restaurant dishes, and share what they eat to the Facebook timeline using the new actions “crave” and “eat.” The app also gives restaurants an easy, self-service marketing tool to take orders from Facebook, their website and mobile devices, all connected to the Facebook timeline, starting today.’s new restaurant delivery app for the Facebook timeline is based on their transactional APIs that unite the local restaurant industry on a single, open platform primed for rapid-fire innovation. The Facebook timeline app demonstrates the power of their open APIs. offers white label versions of this app that can be installed for any restaurant’s Facebook page.

“We are thrilled to be one of the first restaurant commerce platforms to integrate with the Facebook timeline,” said David Bloom, CEO of “We’re always looking for new ways for consumers and restaurants to engage, transact and share — timeline integration is just the beginning. We can’t wait to see restaurants using the app for themselves and what other restaurant technology companies will do with our APIs.”

Restaurants can pre-enroll to get their own white-label Facebook timeline ordering apps at

About is a Google Ventures-backed start-up and TechStars alumni that was recently named to the Silicon Alley100. has developed a suite of transactional APIs that can turn any website or app into a way for consumers to order food for delivery. Fortune 100 companies, publishers and individual developers use’s APIs to deploy their own food ordering systems connected to our national network of restaurants. By organizing the local restaurant industry into a single, national platform, is bringing about the most fundamental change to the restaurant industry since franchising in the 1950s.


Melbourne-based accelerator AngelCube announces 2012 program - 8 new companies introduced

PALcapital client, Australian accelerator AngelCube has announced the 8 startups that have joined their 2012 program after their successful first program in 2011 that included startups;, Lexim and TestPilot. 

The Melbourne-based accelerator was founded in 2011 and its mentor team includes global tech entrepreneurs such as Guy King and Bevan Clark of RetailMeNot; Leni Mayo of 99Designs; former CEO of BetFair Andrew Twaits, James Haft, of PALcapital and over 60 others.

AngelCube was Australia’s second accelerator to launch in 2011 after the January debut of Sydney based Startmate. Two others have since joined the fold in 2012.

AngelCube’s 2012 program has returned with an expanded mentor network and and an emphasis on a much tougher, milestone driven program. 

In addition to the 13 week program and mentorship, AngelCube provides each of the startups receives: $20,000 seed capital; office space at Melbourne co-working space Inspire9; and pitch opportunities in Australia and Silicon Valley. The 2012 program also includes $100,000 worth of perks from partners such as Microsoft, Amazon, PayPal and Rackspace. 

AngelCube’s 2012 Investee Companies are: 

  1. - Educational games for the iPad and mobile devices.
  1. - Gift reminders and recommendations powered by Facebook.
  1.  - Peer to peer marketplace for antiques and collectibles.
  1. - Custom tailored suits, delivered at off the rack prices.
  1. - Automatic temp agency and scheduling tool for gyms.
  1. - Showcase and marketing platform for app developers.
  1. - Fantasy sports betting games for the eSports industry.
  1. - Turning your social media feed into 5 minutes of TV.

NXTPLabs announces Spring 2012 Class of 17 companies as covered in The Next Web

Did you know that the only Latin American member of the Global Accelerator Network was based in Argentina? We are talking about NXTP Labs, a startup accelerator based in Buenos Aires we have been following from the beginning.

Launched a few months ago, it presented its first class to investors on a Demo Day last December. While its first batch essentially came for Argentina, NXTP Labs made it clear during its recent call for applications that it also aimed to attract foreign startups.

Yesterday was the kick-off event of its new accelerating cycle, and we now have the confirmation that it has achieved its goal. Indeed, NXTP Labs unveiled the 16 startups it has selected, and several of them aren’t from Argentina:

  • Bungolow (USA) – an invitation-only travel deal club (see our previousreview);
  • (Arg.)  - a mobile gaming company;
  • Formafina (Arg.) - a platform for discounted home decor purchases;
  • Hadza (Chile) – a synchronized video sharing platform (see our recent post about Hadza’s launch);
  • Jampp (Arg.) - a monetization network for games (see our story);
  • Kinetik (Ecuador) - an app recommendation platform we have written about several times (see our latest post);
  • Kwan (Arg.) – which develops mobile solutions to city traffic;
  • (Chile) – a city guide platform;
  • Look Up (Chile) – which lets users select the phone plan that best suit them;
  • Mercado Transporte (Arg.) – which develops e-shopping transport and logistics solutions;
  • Ring Captcha (Arg.) – a phone-based user verification system;
  • Ropit (Arg.) – a software developer for the fashion sector;
  • Tactivos (Arg.) – which developed Murally, a digital canvas;
  • T-Art (Italy) – a T-shirt design startup;
  • Urbita (Arg.) – a social travel platform;
  • Viflux (Arg.) – a video-making company.

As you may have noticed, it seems that NXTP’s founders trip to Chile paid its fruits, and several startups on this list are Start-Up Chile alumni.

Wenceslao Casares with Ariel Arrieta at NXTP Labs kick off 220x146 Global Accelerator Networks Argentine accelerator NXTP Labs unveils its latest startup batch

However, it isn’t only about Chile. there’s no doubt that Argentina has talent. As one of the most successful Argentine entrepreneurs,Lemon’s founder Wences Casares was the main speaker at the event, and commented on the local tech scene:

“Argentina has the most solid entrepreneurial ecosystem in the region,” he said. “In Palo Alto you find a good engineer in every four or five. In Argentina you make up teams of five brilliant engineers.”

Yet, these teams often lacked resources to transform their skills into successful startups. This is the reality NXTP Labs want to change, by giving these 16 teams they need, and you can expect to hear more about them on The Next Web in the upcoming months.


Read the original post on The Next Web here.


PALcapital clients, and in the news. - 4/10/2012

By María Gabriela Ensinck

If anything characterizes technology companies is the potential to multiply in a short time employment and turnover. At the launch, the accelerator companies play a crucial role. How these initiatives, how they select their candidates and what services they offer. The keys to a model that expands on the local market.

In a weekend, Argentine Diego Saez Gil and his friend Alex Trorrenegra Colombian created a portal to book accommodations in 1,500 hostels and bed and breakfast with more than 2,000 users worldwide. The project, which now employs eight people, was winner of New York Startup Weekend, an event that aims to create a business between Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon. 

"We were inspired by our travel experiences, which found that travel is not just to see places, but to meet people. Then, we thought we could capitalize on the growth of social networks to create a social site hostels reservation, "says Saez to IT Business. "In, travelers can book and where to stay anywhere in the world. They can see what fellow travelers will stay at each destination and thereby connect to share information and plan activities together, "he explains. "We started with a low initial investment, as the Internet allows you to start a business with very little money, and now, six months later, we are raising our first cap in New York," he expands. 

Such a gear from a business plan power point to the first round investors would not have been possible without the participation of NXTP Labs is a business accelerator founded in October 2011 by Ariel Arrieta (serial entrepreneur and co-founder Digital Ventures, Direct Networks, Performa Networks, Affiliates and InZearch Hispanic, all online marketing companies acquired by FOX, in 2007). 

NXTP Labs was created based on the model of Y Combinator and TechStars, renowned Silicon Valley accelerators that perform small investments in a wide range of companies in exchange for a portion of equity and also provide a network of mentors who provide advice on entrepreneurship . The founders of NXTP Labs include Marta Cruz, Marketing specialist, publicist Hassan Martin, Francisco Coronel, founder of Arch Partners, among others, James Haft American Investeent Banker and Early Stage Business Advisor and former director of Endeavor Argentina, Gonzalo Costa.  "Entrepreneurs need not only capital but expert advice. We invest u $ s 25,000 per project, we give a physical space and Advisoring by more than 50 mentors, who are both businessmen and academics, "explains Costa. 

Online craft market 

To help his mother sell her crochet, and her sister Alexis Caporale Navy began investigating some Internet portals. They tried, a trading platform founded by two American crafts partners in a garage that is now worth US$ 300 million. They found that the portal was not adapted to the habits and customs of Latin America, for some complications in the delivery and payment. So they began to develop a "marketplace" local specialized in unique products and handicrafts: The business model is based on charging a transaction fee actually performed. For this, the portal offers various payment methods (credit cards, bank transfers, printing coupons for Easy Pay, payment by mail), and also provides advice to entrepreneurs on how to publish and sell their products. 
The brothers invested US$30,000 of equity capital for the development of the portal and, simultaneously, they contacted Arrieta, who was about to launch NXTP Labs That were enrolled in the first call to participate in the accelerator. Six months later, they went from two to six, and have 5,000 to 20,000 hits per month. "So far, we focused on attracting buyers.Our next step is to launch the portal regionally in Chile, Colombia, Peru and Mexico, "says Alexis. 

The accelerator works in these cases as a venture capitalist. "Every six months, invest in litters of 15 entrepreneurial teams and become shareholders," said Costa. "We want to become minority shareholders in some 200 companies," he adds. For the success of the investment, the accelerator measures three variables: first, the survival rate, since, between 50 and 80% of the enterprises that are released do not survive the first year. The second is to get additional investment. For that, it gives start ups contacts with outside investors. The third is the degree of internationalization, for which business should be possible to scale and export. "The fourth is to be a good business and can be sold," sums Costa. 

Read the whole article in Spanish at:

or in english here.




NXTPLabs Newsletter #3 -- First Companies Selected for March 2012 Class


Infographic on Silicon Alley vs Silicon Valley

From our friends at MBA@UNC:

For decades, Silicon Valley has been synonymous with innovation. It is difficult to dispute this claim given that it’s the home to technology and Internet giants such as Apple, Google, and Facebook. While it hasn’t lost its staying power, other hotspots for entrepreneurship and technology have emerged over the past ten years, in particular, New York’s “Silicon Alley”.

Although cities like Chicago, Austin, and even our own Research Triangle have produced a number of web-based businesses in recent years, New York’s startup scene is growing exponentially. The amount of capital and seed funding continues to rise as well as the success of local companies like foursquare, Gilt Groupe, and Tumblr. The city’s ecosystem also has the support of Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who recently appointed Rachel Sterne as the city’s Chief Digital Officer along with Steve Rosenbaum, the city’s first Entrepreneur at Large. There’s no shortage of debates in the blogosphere as to whether one coast has the advantage over the other. Regardless of what side you’re on, many would agree that there’s no better time to be an entrepreneur. Organizations and incubators like the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), Startup America, Y-Combinator and Tech Stars are providing an unprecedented level of resources and support. In a recent TIME article, the YEC’s Scott Gerber even posited 2012 as “The Year of the Entrepreneur”.

Interested in seeing the growth that has been present on both coasts over the last 5 years? Interact with the graphic below to explore some noteworthy companies in both Silicon Valley and Silicon Alley, quotes from stakeholders, as well as the rise in Seed Funding from 2009-2011.


Via MBA@UNC: Online MBA

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