Wayin acquires Comenta.TV - PALcapital advises the seller


On January 2, 2014, Wayin (, a social media company founded by Scott McNealy, the founder of Sun Microsystems, acquired PALcapital client, ComentaTV (www.Comenta.TV), a provider of social media engagement tools for producers broadcast TV and live events.

ComentaTV is a graduate of the NXTPLabs (www, accelerator in Buenos Aires which was co-founded by PALcapital founder, James Haft. Post acquisition, the ComentaTV team will remain in Buenos Aires and will become the core technology team for Wayin's broadcast services and will spearhead the company's sales efforts in Latin America.


Broadway Asia Founders Form Broadway International Entertainment; Bruce Lee Musical, THE SOUND OF MUSIC World Tour & More in the Works

PALcapital client, has announced the expansion of their business to include the global international markets. 

Founders Marc Routh and Simone Genatt Haft announced today the expansion of their global theatrical business activities into the establishment of Broadway International Entertainment (BIE), with a number of new productions and tours in the works.

What is one of the largest production, management, licensing and touring companies of live entertainment throughout the Asia Pacific region, has expanded its reach to major international markets throughout the world. The establishment of BIE is a natural progression of the extensive work by Marc Routh and Simone Genatt Haft and will focus on production, management and theatrical consulting services.

Over the last 20 years, theatrical productions by Broadway Asia partners have played in 400 cities and in over 40 countries on five continents, and have garnered more than 50 global theatrical awards. Past productions include many Tony Award® winning musicals including The Sound of Music, The King and I, The Producers, Hairspray, Legally Blonde, West Side Story, The Addams Family, Rock of Ages, Fuerzabruta, Stomp, Cookin, SpongeBob Squarepants Live' and many others.

Broadway Asia is the exclusive representative for theatrical licensing for the Rodgers & Hammerstein Theatre Library in China, Korea, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Macau, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Argentina and Brazil, including more than 100 Broadway titles.

"I have spent the majority of my career producing and managing shows on Broadway, off-Broadway and on tour while simultaneously working in the global marketplace with a special focus on Asia and Europe," said Marc Routh. "Broadway is a unique brand with worldwide recognition, and we have enormous expertise as a production and management team both domestically and globally. With Broadway International Entertainment, we are proud to play a leading role for productions and clients seeking to expand their theatrical business activities in the global marketplace."

"It's been an incredible ride opening live entertainment shows in more than 25 cities in China, 12 cities in Korea and 16 cities in Japan," added Simone Genatt Haft. "We are among the most prolific global productionand distribution companies for live entertainment, and have been pioneers for Broadway internationally. Over the last 20 years, we have been responsible for over 100 productions in the territories. Broadway is an economic indicator of emerging markets. Currently, we are working on five continents and look forward to creating bridges among U.S. and international productions and partners in the live entertainment industry. The world is smaller than it was before."

BIE is currently working on many new projects, including BRUCE LEE, the Musical Martial Arts Spectacular by Stan Lai and Tan Dun scheduled to premiere in Singapore; a new Mandarin-language musical based on the Chinese classic Peony Pavilion by Maury Yeston and Jeffery Hatcher and directed by John Rando in China; Siddhartha, the Musical, direct from Italy; a global tour of Andrew Lloyd Webber's production of The Sound of Music premiering in South Africa; In The Heights in Brazil and ICE AGE LIVE, A Mammoth Adventure in Asia.


PAL Founder Hosts Red Innova NY Panel: Challenges & Opportunities in Latin America

As reported in

This morning’s Red Innova New York programming included a thought-provoking discussion panel on challenges and opportunities in Latin America. Moderated by PALcapital CEO James Haft, the panel was composed of Patrick McGinnis (Managing Partner, Dirigo Advisors), Demian M. Bellumio (COO, Senzari) and Mathieu Nouzareth(CEO and Founder, FreshPlanet).

Panel participants expressed a wide range of opinions and attitudes regarding the ups and downs of Latin America as a tech hub. Here are a few things we picked up:

Easier Now than Ever

McGinnis pointed out that 10 years ago, launching a startup was a high-cost affair. Entrepreneurs would spend millions of dollars setting up offices in cities like Miami, Mexico City and São Paulo, placing their bets on the mere hope that their ideas would work. Today, however, there is a seed ecosystem that renders the project of building a product a much less expensive undertaking. Programs like Start-Up Chile and iNNpulsa are important in driving Latin America’s startup ecosystem forward.

Investments No Easy Feat

Garnering investment is often essential for growth; however, it’s not always the easiest task at hand. The angel community is not prepared to take on the level of risk implied by technology companies, and entrepreneurs aren’t always great at getting through to potential investors with their stories. There is a misconception that it is easiest to get investments from the United States, but many American VCs are hesitant about sending their money so far away. The conclusion? The best money often comes from local organizations and successful Latin American entrepreneurs looking to give back to the ecosystem.

Building a Business is Hard

All panel participants acknowledged that doing business in Latin America can prove extremely challenging. Nouzareth proposed a global approach as a way to combat regional difficulties, making sure to build a product with other countries in mind even if an entrepreneur understands local culture better. He highlighted the roadblocks to setting up in Brazil and ways to get around them.

High Valuations Not Always Best

Many startups place a high amount of clout on valuation; however, this can be risky.Businesses in Argentina and Brazil often receive very high valuations that end up being detrimental in fostering unrealistic expectations. Furthermore, while seed investment in Latin America is not hard to come by, Series A and Series B rounds are much more challenging (outside of Brazil).



PAL client acquired by Wayin, a company founded by Scott McNealy to frovide social media engagement and analytics for brands and broadcasters.

As coverered by on 1/8/2014:

Social technology company Wayin, known for social integration through billboards at sporting events and places like Times Square, has acquired South American social analytics companyComenta.TV. (

With the acquisition, Wayin gets a set of tools geared toward measuring and leveraging Twitter activity.

“We looked at a lot of options and found Comenta TV to be unique in providing television producers with real-time intelligence into how audiences are engaging with their shows,” said Elaine Wood, President and CEO for Wayin. “Wayin sees this as an indispensable value to producers and networks in their quest to further engage their audiences while maintaining creative freedom.”

Since it started in 2011, Comenta TV has been offering television producers in Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Spain, and more access to data of where the best tweets are relating to their shows, which they can then integrate into their shows.

“For Comenta TV, this is an important moment for our team to build our next chapter,” said Juan Melano, the head of the TV development group out of Buenos Aires. “After a thorough assessment of social engagement platform vendors, we believe this transaction is the best path forward for Comenta TV and offers our company the strategy, financial means, the marketing resources and most importantly the determination to succeed in bringing social experiences to TV networks around the globe.”

The move by Wayin makes them a stronger player in social TV. We will continue watching new developments from Wayin following the new acquisition.

ComentaTV is a graduate of the program. PALcapital represented Comenta.TV in the transaction.


James Haft speaking at RedInnova Conference in NYC

James Haft presented at the RedInnova conference in NYC in November 2012. This interview discusses his perspective n finding early stage businesses which are suited for the US business and investment markets.


Oct092012 Press Coverage from

Hacking food, deliciously, with’s API (now expanded to NYC, Philly and Boston)

“Picture this: you are a nerd,” a guy in a Facebook T-shirt declares to a room of hackers munching on gourmet fried chicken. He looks around. “Oh, who am I kidding. We’re all nerds.”

The small crowd of presumed nerds hardly acknowledges his joke, nodding in keen anticipation for the nerdy thing Guy in Facebook T-shirt is about to unveil. It turns out to be a chat room with the ability to place a group takeout order through simple text commands. It isn’t pretty but it works like a charm. The crowd cheers, a gong is pounded and everyone swigs white wine and as the next presenter, a refrigerator sensor called iFridge, sets up. This is a food hackathon.

Sure hackathons for payment platforms, or social networks, or location-based apps can be fun. But this weekend I learned the best kind of hackathon satisfies our most basic need — the need for sustenance. is a New york-based TechStars alum backed by Google Ventures. To celebrate its completely rebuilt developer portal and the expansion of its service to New York City, Boston and Philadelphia, the company hosted its first ever hackathon a Pivotal Labs in Union Square. An event of this nature can’t get away with the standard pizza and Red Bull refreshments, so hackers gorged on made-to-order crepes and a catered dinner fromPeels as they built tools around’s ordering API. I left with a few takeaways (including from a stomach full of pie): Group ordering at the office is still a massive source of annoyance, and hardware startups always win hackathons.’s API makes it simple for any app or website to include ordering functionality. The company makes money from restaurants implementing its services and there is a small of revenue share after the system is implemented.’s API has become popular enough that three startups are launching in the fall built entirely with the platform, CEO David Bloom says. He calls the system “Twilio for food.”

The winner was a hardware app built with an Arduino controller and RFIDs called iFridge (nevermind that name has been taken). The app tracks what goes in and out of your fridge, counting calories, playing a celebratory song when you bust out the champagne, and alerting you when someone other than you removes a beer you’ve “locked” in the app.

The iFridge team with their Hackfood trophy

Several of the hacks aimed to solve the problem of group ordering lunch at the office –i t’s a common point of angst, and how much can you really do with an ordering API? The answer, apparently, is a lot.

The range of creativity managed to surprised me: Hackers built a subway stop-off app that identifies the best places to order takeout near subway stops on one’s route home. There was an actually quite brilliant Taskrabbit-for-food-delivery system called Deliveryhop that I could see disrupting the entire delivery system used by restaurants. There was a gamified system of betting on what you think your office mates will order for lunch (and winning a dollar off your own if you’re correct). The presentations were bookended by projects of food adorableness, courtesy of, built by’s API architect, Ricky Robinett, and a bacon ice cream mascot by Pamela Castillo and Mike Caprio (pictured top left) named “Mr. Crave.”

Ordr.In has a set of APIs and white label apps that turn any website or device into a way you order food. Clients as large as Wyndham Worldwide are building their own food ordering services on top... read more

PALcapital welcomes QuantConnect as an advisory client

QuantConnect has asked PALcapital to serve as advisor as the company seeks to democratize the building and marketing of financial algorithms. Please see theit video below. 



Please contact us to learn more about this dynamic company.


Fake Grimlock Lesson for Harvard Business School

Here is a great post we grabbed from Brad Feld's site ( on How to build a sucessful app. The point is to build an app with personality and focus on what you love. Simple, clear advice. Takes passion, perseverence and intelligence to follow....


Thanks, Brad & Fake Grimlock!



PALgenesis invests in and PALcapital advises Klooff

PALgenesis fund has invested in (Download the iOS app here), the leading community for pet owners who treat their pets as their children. In the US, there are more households with pets than with children. So we like this market.

PALcapital is also an advisor to Klooff and look forward to working with this dynamic team of entrepreneurs in their journey to success.


Cool infographic showing the significant business of gaming in LatAm

Smartphone Gaming in Latin America
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