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Everypost is a mobile application that allows social networkers easily create, post and manage multimedia contents. Express more. better. easily. 




Kindara gives women and men the tools, knowledge and power to navigate their fertility with clarity and confidence.




Mirror is the world's first endorsement platform. Promote your best skills and traits to find jobs, gigs, roommates, activity partners or even new friends.




Nestio offers landlords, brokers, and renters the ability to manage and communicate information easily, efficiently, and all in one place. The industry's first real-time platform of rental information.




nextSociety is the ultimate networking tool to unlock the full potential of your existing networks.





QuantConnect serves financial engineers ("quants") and investors with a platform to design algorithms and investors to fund them.




rabt is your personalized mobile video app that offers the fastest, easiest way to discover and watch videos on your iPhone or iPad.




Shoop provides tools for local shops to compete with online commerce. is a platform that seeks to provide insight into people’s accomplishments and professional career.




Storefront connect people with something to sell with space to sell it.




Strolby is a curated online shopping marketplace for brick-and-mortar boutiques located in Brooklyn.




VirtualMob brings a new dimension to mobile experiences, through the use of Augmented Reality.





Wedgies are social polls for Media and Brands to engage their social media and website audiences with. Wedgies polls are built for the social web, they’re - realtime, media rich, engaging, and mobile optimized.