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Founded in 1995, Pacific Alliance Limited, LLC (d.b.a PALcapital) is a merchant bank providing advisory services to companies in the USA, China and Latin America seeking to create strategic opportunities, raise funds or create joint venturesOur services include broad financial advisory, mergers & acquisitions advice, restructuring advice and private placements of debt and equity securities.

We understand the unique opportunities and problems of transacting business between parties from different cultures. We apply relevant experience and senior-level execution skills to produce positive results.

Pacific Alliance has a unique competitive advantage in its target markets. The principals of Pacific Alliance have been responsible for many significant transactions of Chinese companies in the international markets, including the first listing of a Chinese company on the New York Stock Exchange (Ek Chor China Motorcycle) and the first listing of a Chinese power company on international markets (Hopewell Holdings). In Latin America, the company was responsible for the sale of the largest Spanish Language On-line Advertising Network to FOX Networks (Digital Ventures/FOX).

We leverage our long-standing relationships with financial sponsors, companies, institutional and non-institutional investors, entrepreneurs and financial intermediaries in the US, Asia, Europe and Latin America to best advise our client companies in mergers & acquisitions and raising growth capital, ensuring our clients reach or surpass their expected levels of success.


Internet and Media Focus

In 1996, we realized that the obvious trend in business for the coming decades was going to be the digitiaztion of data. Further, with the emergence of AOL and the graphical interface for the Internet, we saw that Internet Protocols (IP) was going to be the common denominating factor for the transmission of all the digitized data and communications.

Since 1996, we have specifically focused on working with entrpreneurs and existing businesses seeking to take advantage of the opportunies presented by the introduction and development of the Internat as a consumer and business communications channel. This practice has enlarged from following the market to now including a specialized understanding of the importance of mobile devices and communications as well as cloud-based and SaaS storage and data-sharing solutions.


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